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Why TeraTech

TeraTech is the ColdFusion paramedic and specialist: Custom ColdFusion apps on budget and on time, guaranteed.

When a ColdFusion project is out of control or going to miss its deadline, we are brought in to put out the fire, get the project on track and get it finished on time. When a ColdFusion server crashes, we are called in to resuscitate it and bring it back to life. (Ideally, we are brought in before crashes happen!)

Our differentiation is that we guarantee to finish your project on time and on budget. We can do this because we ask the right questions of all of the organization stakeholders up front and make sure that both TeraTech and our client understand the same vision of success. We believe in bringing issues to light immediately as opposed to burying them. We understand that we are not a fit for everyone and every project. We help our clients break projects down into manageable pieces to that can then be delivered on budget and on time. The goal of every project is to hand over a program that is maintainable and sustainable over the long term.

Deadline protection

You need to know when your application will go live so that you can plan your launch announcement, tie in marketing and staff hiring/training around it.

Many software projects are either not managed or involve a lot of chaos and debugging time that cannot be predicted. We go through a formal sign off process on requirements up front to prevent scope creep delaying the schedule later. We manage every step of the process, including monitoring and resolving risks to meet the deadline. We have developed a tried and true formula that we use when determining the length of a project. Once requirements are set, we have a dedicated project manager that keeps all responsible parties on task. We guarantee that our projects will be completed on time or we will double the warranty period at no extra charge.

All TeraTech proposals come with the details spelled out. To keep the project on track you will make commitments to answer questions quickly, provide test data on a mutually agreed timeline and give feedback on schedule.

Overspend protection

You need to know ahead of time how much you will spend on the project and the schedule of payments. Most developers are not clear up front as to the scope or requirements and so charge by the hour, leaving you in the dark as the true budget. We analyze what you want up front, asking difficult questions at the beginning, so that when it comes to deployment you don’t get nasty or expensive surprises.

To keep to a financial budget we need to keep to a scope budget too. We will tell you when newly introduced elements will increase the scope of the project before starting work so that you can decide if it is more important to you to add the feature or stick to the original budget and schedule.

No worry deployment

Deploying a new software application can be very stressful due to late bugs and configuration issues; which can make the project late and over budget.

Writing software is complex and even though we are extra careful and do peer code reviews there will always be some unexpected data that reveal a bug after we deploy. Many developers charge by the hour to fix bugs. We go through an extensive three-step process to stamp out bugs at our cost:

1)Internal testing

2)30-day acceptance testing with your real data

3)30 additional days of free warranty fixes after you go live.

For this process to work well we need your help to provide realist data values and volumes, to test all the features and to report any issues via the TeraTech Change Tracker promptly. We compare all issues to the signed off requirements documents from the analysis phase of the project to determine which are bugs and which are enhancements. Full details of the warrantee are provided in all proposals.

Are you a good fit for TeraTech?

Our ideal client is the CIO of an organization that has 100-500 employees with ColdFusion apps that are built and faltering or need to be built. They appreciate outsourcing work to take advantage of an outside perspective and talented developers to get projects done quickly. While we are first and foremost software developers, we have also made a conscious decision to take a leadership role within the development community. We found the largest national ColdFusion conference CFUnited

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