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Emergency Services for Sick Web Applications

Slow Applications

Web applications running slowly? Are visitors abandoning your site due to pages taking forever to load? High rates of site abandonment can result in lost revenue and ultimately affect your bottom line.

Slow applications can be caused by a variety of problems within the application code itself as well as how your servers are configured. TeraTech has a team of application specialists that can properly diagnose what is causing your application to slow down and develop a treatment plan to get you back up to speed.

We'll perform a Code Review for performance improvements as well as review programming standards to ensure ongoing performance as your business grows. To round out our service offering we'll provide a comprehensive written evaluation of your application and program.

Crashing Servers

Worried if your site can handle more traffic? Let TeraTech bring your applications back to full health!

Then we will look at Performance Tuning, including JVM optimization, CF Admin settings, best practices, performance monitoring and determining hardware needs for the projected load.

But what good is it to cluster your servers until you can show they will work well under future load? So we will explain how to do Load Testing, look at best-of-breed load testing tools, best practices for load testing and how to understand the results of a test.

Finally we will help them come up with a plan for migrating to the new cluster from their existing CF 5 servers. A lot of work, but with a mission critical enterprise application it is better to be save rather than sorry!