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Web Application Development Delivery Room

Custom Web Applications

TeraTech has developed sophisticated data-driven web sites for a wide range of organizations, from corporations to government agencies. Our web gurus have years of experience — not just in database applications and web site development, but also in understanding client needs and managing projects so they come in on time and on budget. We can successfully turn your vision into reality.

Some of the systems we have developed include the following features:

  • Correspondence tracking
  • Procurement tracking and reporting
  • Portfolio reporting and management
  • Sophisticated search and drill down
  • Automated charting
  • Process automation
  • Document requests and automatic mailings
  • Mortgage rate calculations
  • Business advertisements
  • Remote order entry
  • Automatic fax invoicing
  • Workflow
  • International access
  • Engineering and statistical calculations
  • Telephony backends


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Software Integration

TeraTech is an industry leader in resolving complex integration issues by providing software solutions that bring together business applications, operating procedures and people to meet your business objectives.

The first step in any system integration project is to fully evaluate the business needs. We take the time to understand not only your business and integration goals but also existing system limitations and pain points. We use this information to identify opportunities to improve business and technology processes through the implementation of new technologies and better integration of existing components. We will develop a prototype based on our analysis that will allow you to see the synergies that will be achieved through the successful implementation and integration of your enterprise systems.

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Software Development Approach

TeraTech Development Approach

TeraTech has adopted the standard Fusebox Lifecycle Process (FLiP) methodology for managing the design and development of new software systems.

The FLiP method described below is a process for identification of system requirements through an iterative engagement with the client and system users. It has proven effective in reducing the often expensive efforts to identify system requirements and obtain client approval and authorization.

Web design and implementation in ColdFusion with Fusebox has been greatly simplified with the development of the FliP. The TeraTech approach for new system development has combined some of the features of the FLiP process to create a robust and flexible set of design methods. FLiP provides a process for discovery of design requirements and obtaining client approval which reduces risks associated with traditional design systems.

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