Today Sean Corfield passed the torch of Fusebox core development to Adam Haskell (see Fusebox site for more details on Adam's vision for Fusebox core development). I appreciate Sean for the Olympic improvements he has made to Fusebox over the years - getting the source into a public Trac repository (with Sim's help), rewriting the core into CFCs and adding many useful features over the years. And consider that when Sean first came across Fusebox he argued against it - but after trying it out he liked it so much that he helped out on the core files and help to steer Fusebox to where it is today! I will miss his lively input at Team Fusebox meetings too.

And I am looking forward to Adam taking Fusebox to the next level. When we discussed his ideas for the core at CFUnited he showed both the experience and passion to improve things a lot. And I think from his message that he is interesting in hearing from the Fusebox community too.