By Theo Rushin Jr.

I have such a passion for teaching. I enjoy motivating students to learn and I love doing so in a manner that is relevant, meaningful, and memorable. I also thoroughly enjoy the subjects I teach and this one is no exception. On April 28th I will be teaching an ActionScript 3 for Flex Developers class at the TeraTech Training Center in Rockville, MD. I really do have a passion for ActionScript and I hope to make that evident during the course of this class.

What is ActionScript? ActionScript 3.0 is a very powerful object-oriented programming language used within the Flash and Flex development environment. Although previous version of ActionScript (AS1 and AS2) enabled developers (and designers) to create outstanding web applications, ActionScript 3 takes it to the next level by providing faster performance and a host of powerful new features.

This class is geared towards the beginning Flex developer who wants to take their Flex development to the next level. We will cover important topics such as: Creating custom classes, Defining and Dispatching Events, Drag and Drop Operations, Programmatic drawing and animation, Working with Sound, and Working with Video.

Don't miss this training event, as seats will be filling up quickly. We keep our classes small so we can give each student the personal attention they deserve. This is a hand-on class. You will be provided with course materials and loads of sample code. Visit and register HERE.  I hope to see you there!