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Speaking at CFUnited 2010

My topic for CFUNITED 2010 was selected! I'll be speaking about the new Excel generation features in CF9; much easier and more flexible than generating the XML or HTML used to be.

Thank you to everyone who voted for my topic.

See you all at Lansdowne.

What I like About CF9...Solr Indexing

I am excited about the up coming ColdFusion 9 release Solr free text search - ti replaces the Verity free text search that has been in ColdFusion for over eight years.  TeraTech has been using the open source Java Solr search on a project for the American Psychological Association and we have been impressed with how it efficiently handles searching millions of documents; this, of course without the extra costs that Verity requires for large search sets.  We are also looking forward to being able to directly call Solr instead of doing a slow CFHTTP call to access it.  ColdFusion 9 will support advanced replication and caching and also comes with a Verity to Solr migration tool.

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