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What's new in ColdFusion world at Scotch on the Rocks

Kevin Roche gave a detailed report on this week's "Scotch on the Rocks 2013" ColdFusion conference in Scotland. Some important points include:

  • mobile dev/test/deploy support in coming Adobe CF 11 builder based on PhoneGap
  • Railo command line CFML scripts
  • indexedDB client side storage for faster apps
  • continuous integration (CI) testing using Jenkins and MockBox
  • Peak at soon to release Mura 6.1 CMS

For full details check out Kevin's blog.

ColdFusion 9 Details

ColdFusion 9 will not be coming out until 2009, but we thought it might be exciting to hear some of the things coming up in the latest version of ColdFusion, Codename: Centaur.  First of all, ColdFusion will now be FREE for academic use.  The details aren’t completely hatched out, but it seems as though anyone in the education field will receive CF9 for nada!  There will now be the ability to code User Defined Functions and ColdFusion Components in CFScript.

  In addition, there will be an explicit local scope that doesn’t require local variables to be declared at the top of the function and tighter integration with Adobe Air.  Also there will be a new CFFinally tag for exception handling syntax and CFContinue tag for control flow.  

New TeraTech Team Member

TeraTech welcomes our newest salesperson, Kathleen Herrington, to the team!

A Maryland native, Kathleen Herrington main area of expertise is in sales and marketing.  After studying Psychology and Business Administration at University of Maryland, Baltimore County she began her career at NationsBanc Mortgage and in that industry she stayed for over 15 years.  She is excited to learn more about web application development. She decided to come to TeraTech “because of the people and TeraTech’s philosophy towards its own people.  Michael [Smith] has an open-door attitude that everyone has something to contribute.” 

That she has lived in Montgomery County in Silver Spring and Rockville her whole life, it makes sense that she’s made a home for herself in Gaithersburg with her “husband and assorted children and pets,” she says.  Welcome Kathleen!

New TeraTech Website Coming in June

We are renovating our website!  By June, we will have a newly designed website with all new features including ways to contact us direcly and photos of all our staff.  We have been working on how to better serve our clients, and it was time our website got a tune up.  Watch our for our newly designed website that will be up just in time for CFUnited '08!

TeraTech- ever growing and seeking the finest

The Reality Check!

This may sound like an ITunes review, but that's okay too. People ask me what I do and I get caught up in the environment that is almost ideal. At an office that pays you (literally) for your ideas and gives you several hats (some inevitable) to try new things and gain a wealth of knowledge, it's hard to see the glass half empty at any given moment. It's like I posted in an earlier blog- it's all about the attitude. This isn't a place to have negative won't last long, but if you've got an ambitious, positive attitude, like my manager, you'll find it easy to not only gain experience like no other, but foster your own ideas (where your mistakes are celebrated and accepted)...where you're encouraged and 110% supported. Check out the new website and see if you have what we're looking for..

The website is undergoing a few final touches so please be patient as we post new and exciting information that we know you're going to want to be a part of...I assure you, this is a place to be and go for the latest information. Be it blogging, info on user groups, CFUnited conference (mingle with ColdFusion genuis'), our great job board (which we know you'll hit), or signing up for a lesson to expand what you already know- you found the right place. Check us out-

ColdFusion Developers Photos

I have created a Flickr group called "ColdFusion Developers". We have different groups such as CFUnited or Fusebox etc. but having a general group would also be a good idea.

We already have a lot of photos over there and you can try to find your photo. If you know any names to go with these, try to add a note for the person. If you have other photos of CF developers, share with us.

You can reach group page via "".

You are kindly invited to join our group. :)

TeraDisc "DVD" Terabyte storage

Fed up with not being able to fit enough movies from your Tivo onto a DVD? Now instead of 5 Gigabyte on a DVD there is a 1 Terabyte (1000 Gigabyte) "DVD" made by the Israeli firm Mempile ( Their "TeraDisc" (which is the same size as CDs and DVDs) holds 20 times the capacity of a dual-layer Blu-ray disc.

They use 200 5GB layers, each one only five microns apart.  Prototypes have already been made to store up to 800GB of data and Mempile says it will crack the 1TB barrier before moving on to build 5TB blue laser disks. Look out for these in 2010. 

And hey 1 TB is enough for 250,000 MP3 on one disk - that is enought space for even my complete CD collection!

PS Part of my interest is that when I created the name for TeraTech in 1991 the Tera part came from Terabyte. Back then a 10 Mb harddrive was big and cost $3000. It is amazing to see how storage has grown and price has come down!


Adobe User Group for Capitol Hill NEW!!!

The big brass from Adobe -- Ben Forta, Tim Buntel, and Adam Wayne Lehman -- will be at the inaugural meeting of this new user group.

The topic is Coldfusion 8 ("Scorpio").

To register, go to the website Capitol Hill User Group.

Adobe Apollo Alpha Public

Adobe Apollo

Adobe Apollo public alpha release is now at Adobe Labs (

You can reach release notes to get more information about current release.

You can download and install on your Windows or MacOSX platform.

Here are some other useful Apollo links:

Free Apollo Training From

Sample Applications

Apollo Camp San Francisco

Apollo for Adobe Flex Developers Pocket Guide

Apollo Forums

TeraTech wins better consulting award from CFDJ magazine fifth year in a row

TeraTech won the CFDJ (ColdFusion Developers Journal) Readers Choice award for best ColdFusion consulting company world wide for the fifth year in a row. TeraTech was runner up for best training company, best product CFXGraphicsserver and best community website (CFConf). More info at

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