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Spiral Web talk video

I recently gave a talk at the Web 2.0 conference on Spiral Web and how it can help us predict what is coming in the future for websites. Spiral Web is based on Spiral Dynamics and Memes, which are theories of how ideas spread among people. I have extended these ideas to websites for Spiral Web.

The 30 minute video of the talk is available at the Web 2.0 site (with free registration). The URL is (scroll down to the 4pm slot and click on the little video link to the left of the 4pm text)

I plan on expanding on this subject at CFUnited this summer.

Can Spiral Web predict the future of Web 2.0?

I am speaking on “Spiral Web – the future of web society” at the Web 2.0 conference in Virginia on November 1st 2007. The talk will look at what is coming in the next year for the web? What about in the next five years? How can we predict trends in websites? Spiral web provides both insight into existing websites and predicts future trends in websites. Based on the long established theory of spiral dynamics for human society development, Spiral Web explains and predicts the evolution of web societies. More information at

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