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Gmail questions...any suggestions?

Why do I see some emails that have my default email address and/or says "On behalf of (my name)". Yikes. Not sure why some emails show this and others don't. And I just realized that some mailing lists that I respond to will not let me send to it because I'm either not on the mailing list or it's an internal thing, so only company people can email. Does this mean that the emails I send out from my work address through Gmail doesn't act as if I'm using my default Thunderbird account? If that's the case, I'm probably going to have to revert back to my Thunderbird. Any suggestions?

Question: Gmail select feature

You know when you select "conversations" in your inbox. I click on, say 4, so that I can "mark as read". Then I want to un-check those "conversations", but Gmail doesn't seem to have a way to un-click them. There's a "star" and "unstar" option, but not the un-check option. So far, I've been un-checking each email manually. Any ideas? Hope this is clear.

Reason #2, Gmail offers a filtering system that is simple and easy to use

Since I started to point all my emails to my Gmail account, I figured I'd need some kind of filtering system. Here's what I was able to accomplish within minutes:

1. New filter- fields are labeled without confusion

2. Test run- depending on the fields you filled, you can run a test to see what emails would be pulled and filtered before actually creating the filter.

3. Labels- in addition to filtering, the labeling system always sticks with the email, letting you know what category it belongs to should it find its way into your inbox (occasionally happens).

4. Archive it!- you can skip the process of having to move it from your inbox and filter it directly to the designated categorical folder (afterall, gmail is working pretty much like Outlook and Thunderbird without the hassle of opening up an application).

5. Editable- so easy and quick to change your filter settings and edit labels. Both are distinctively different, but work hand in hand to offer a customized email system with little service interruptions.

6. Detail- its helpful to know what you've told Gmail to do with your emails. So when you look in the filtered tab in the settings, Gmail will tell you exactly what you told it to do. Makes it easy to know why something is happening and gives you the chance to always change it.

I'm not tech savvy so it defintely means something if I've figured out a way to set up all my email accounts here and established a filtering system. The one thing that Gmail might consider is having subfolders within a general folder so that you can filter even more. Otherwise, its perfect.

Why Gmail is truly a charm, best of the best. Reason #1.

I configured all my emails to come to my Gmail account. I have three main emails and not only do I get them all in one place (filtered in their corresponding folders), I set up the account to respond with the email address it was originally sent to. Does this make sense? Hope so.

I use MAC and PC. When I'm on my MAC, I use to use Entourage and when at the PC, I'd use Thunderbird. In a third place, where it's a community MAC desktop, I'd have to use online webmail associated to all 3 of my accounts. What a pain?!?

The only thing I wonder is if I can customize 3 different signatures that is associated with each email addresses. I'll check out the Gmail discussion groups...I can't even gripe about their FAQ section because it's so well organized and clear! Really, I'm totally happy with my Google (homepage, gmail, and calendar). I know there are several other features left to be discovered (at least for me). For now I say, "Way to go Google! I'm a fan!"

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