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Cut: Lost CF Admin password
Cut#: 253 
Cut Date: 08/09/2001 
Cutter: Michael Smith 
Topic: Security 
Overview: The admin password for ColdFusion Server allows you to setup your environment, add custom tags and databases, etc. But what if you forget the password, or your client forgets the password? Never fear, it's easy to fix.


Cut Code:
Run the registry editor (regedit.exe), and go to:
Then, double-click on the UseAdminPassword value, and set it to "0". The next time you open the CF Administrator, you won't need a
password, and you can then change and enable the password from within CF Administrator.

Derrick Rapley adds that for CFMX you can do it two ways:
1 - Reset Password

1) Stop the CFMX service.
2) open the file c:\CfusionMX\lib\ in Notepad
3) set new values for "rdspassword" and "password"
4) set "encrypted" to false
5) restart CFMX

CFMX will recognize the values are not encrypted and then encrypt them

2 - Turn password off

1) open the file c:\CfusionMX\lib\neo-security.xml
2) look for the following

<var name=''>
<boolean value='true'/>

set value='false' and restart CFMX. you can now go into the CFADMIN and set
a new password.