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Cut: Netscape tricks
Cut#: 27 
Cut Date: 02/04/1999 
Cutter: David Schroeder 
Topic: General 
Overview: To locate URL and cache file names, type about:cache in the Location box

There are tons of about tricks. About:jwz feeds you to a link to, site of many a solid link. More useful perhaps is JavaScript: which spawns a new window, called the Java Console, showing all of the error messages from the Java engine and allowing you to type in and test new javascript code. Typing code directly into the console there lets you see your errors, and gives help on syntax, faster than saving the code to a page and loading it up. about:image-cache gives you a list of images in the cache, and about:memory-cache gives you a list of items in your memory cache. view-source:[page address] jumps straght to the source of a URL. Finally, most useful, pressing Ctrl+Alt+F in Netscape generates the most important hidden feature of netscape, the fish cam. has a more lengthy list of hidden functions and features in Netscape, particularly for version 3.